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October 14th, 2009

tonyatime in entertaintime


I am starting this community as a place to post entertainment reviews or ideas.  I live on a budget and have kids and try to find affordable things to do for fun.  I also have a boyfriend who will indulge me with interesting activies, trips and such.  I wanted to beable to post those things in one place and look back on it and say Ahhh! :) What fun!  

I will also post movie reviews, book reviews, tv show comments, and such here as that falls under entertainment and sometimes its nice to know other peoples thoughts on these things. 

I will encourage people to post events that are happen local to Decatur, Alabama, Entertainment ideas and some thoughts of their own! :)

tonyatime in entertaintime


I love Dr. Gregory House.  His smart ass attitude ROCKS! I love his brillancy and could easily overlook his addiction and well just hatefulness.  I have never... NEVER watched this show as it was aired on TV.  I bought season's 1-4 on DVD because I just thought I might like this show and it was on sale.  I never can turn down a good sale.  Anyway.   I  have watched season 1-4 and thoroughly enjoyed this show. I am right now on Season 5 which I just purchased last night! :) Go me!  I look forward to watching season 5 and then playing catch up on Season 6 as I have all episodes saved on my DVR! Gotta love those DVR's.  If you are not uber religious or do not have strong issues with people doing the right thing all the time, its a show you should like.  There are repetitions I see in the actual medical diagnosis and diseases and treatments and well you will see people bleed out of all of their orfaces again and again and even again.  But, besides some of those minor flaws.... I LOVE THIS SHOW! :) 

 I miss Wilson.... he just left and I have only watched one episode without him, and I want him back NOW! :(

October 2009

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